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Expand broadband and cell coverage

Expand crucial communication infrastructures to accelerate economic growth in Ulster County

Lynn is eager to return to the County Legislature to continue her work on jobs expansion and economic growth by bringing universal broadband, cable, Internet and cell communication infrastructures to underserved areas of Ulster County. This initiative will have a significant, positive impact on growing business, tourism, and education in our region.

Connect our region’s rail trails

Build a world-class interconnected trail system to grow our local economies

An interconnected trail system, which passes directly through our hamlets, will revitalize our communities. Lynn will resume her past work in the Legislature to eliminate gaps in our region’s trail system. Connecting our trails will revitalize our communities, create new business opportunities and expand our region’s potential for income and job growth by bringing more people to our towns and businesses.

Support regional agriculture and farms

Build strong agriculture and agritourism programs at the county level

Local agriculture is an important growth engine for Ulster County. Lynn is a fierce advocate for our region’s farms and will look at ways to to better integrate agriculture and agritourism into Ulster County’s economic development programs.

Bring a democratic majority to our Legislature

Flip the Ulster County Legislature blue

Lynn is not only running to keep the District 21 legislative seat—she is running to maintain a Democratic majority in the Ulster County Legislature. When our State and Federal representatives fail to represent us and protect our values, Lynn will work hard to safeguard what matters most to the residents of Ulster County—our economic prosperity, our schools, healthcare and our beautiful rural environment.

Champion small business

Expand opportunities for small business by fostering creative partnerships between local government and small business owners

Lynn is committed to bring resources, at the county level, to support start-ups, relocations and expansions of small businesses within our community. As a small business owner, she understands the demands and challenges local entrepreneurs face. She believes local government and private businesses can work together to create economic opportunities to help our communities and residents flourish.

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